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Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

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A brief narrative description of the journal article, document, or resource. Many teachers have only a cursory understanding of culturally relevant pedagogy, and their efforts to bridge the cultural gap often fall short. Culturally relevant pedagogy is a term that describes effective teaching in culturally diverse classrooms. It can be a daunting idea to understand and implement. Yet people tend to appreciate culturally relevant pedagogy when they see it. This type of teaching engages and motivates students. However, these well-meaning educators often assume that culturally relevant pedagogy means simply acknowledging ethnic holidays, including popular culture in the curriculum or adopting colloquial speech. In this article, the author emphasizes that using knowledge of students' cultural backgrounds in instruction helps to bridge the cultural gap. The author presents several myths about culturally relevant pedagogy that hinder teachers to take it further and offers few examples of how culturally relevant pedagogy works, and why it works for all students.

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