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Shop 12 Things Teachers Must Know about Learning

12 Things Teachers Must Know about Learning

Prakken Publications

A brief narrative description of the journal article, document, or resource. When information is presented to students, it goes into the working memory of their brain. But the information quickly fades away unless something is done to trigger its move into the brain's long-term memory where it is stored and recalled later. This article offers established facts, understandings, and practices that teachers can use to help students learn and remember more effectively. These include: (1) Learning is personal; (2) Classes do not learn. Only individuals learn; (3) Learning is constructed; (4) Learning is meaningful; (5) Learning is interactive; (6) Learning is emotional; (7) Learning occurs in the brain; (8) Learning is a social activity; (9) Learning is predictable; (10) Memory is largely an associative process; (11) Conceptual learning is spontaneous learning that they do naturally, effortlessly, and unconsciously; and (12) Learning that utilizes higher-level thinking effortlessly goes into one's long-term memory.

This item is categorized under: Brain Research/Cognitive Development