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International Education Program ‘Kizoa for Schools’ Launches

Kizoa, an online movie editing application, recently launched its international school program, Kizoa for Schools. Most state legislatures have passed new state budgets that have a negative effect on public education, leading to budget cuts in specialized programs. In an effort to make resources for students and teachers more accessible and affordable, Kizoa is now offering students, teachers and faculty around the world free lifetime access to its Premium Video membership.

Kizoa for Schools gives teachers, professors and students at all grade levels an easy, creative way to make movie presentations and collages. As a Kizoa for Schools member, anyone with an email address tied to an educational institution will receive a FREE lifetime subscription to its Premium Video membership (valued at $29.99), and will have access to: 10 GB in storage space, be able to download movies in standard resolution of 10 minutes or less, share projects via social media, as well as embed onto websites and blogs. Based on the number of educational emails currently registered with Kizoa, the company expects to donate upward of $2 million in services towards the cause of affordable technology in schools.

With premium access, Kizoa for Schools members can leverage the technology for all their movie-making needs. Project creativity can include:

• Honoring a student or teacher of the month

• Creating an easy-to-share, multi-media project

• Classroom activity slideshows

• End-of-the-year highlights

• Sport highlight reels

• Capturing school and university milestones

• Shareable, multi-media photo albums and yearbooks

Kizoa gives users complete control of their creations. With over 2,000 features, members have a variety of effects, movie and collage templates, animations, and music for any occasion to incorporate in their projects. For more information on Kizoa for Schools or to sign up, please visit