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The Big Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Campaign

Low academic performance rates in American schools and high rates of student disengagement, depression, bullying and violence can in significant part be attributed to lack of critical emotional and relationship mastery skills on the part of most students, according to research from scholars at Columbia, Rutgers, Yale, Stanford and other universities.

To reverse this downslide and assist children to be their best selves, The Big Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Campaign is launching to drive a mass adoption in schools of student training that teaches valuable emotional mastery, conflict resolution, collaboration and empathy skills, also known to educators as Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). Currently only an estimated 10% of schools fully employ such training -- with strong upsides in most important child and school markers and in lifetime achievement, and raves from students, parents and teachers.

Via social media, advertising and alliances with businesses, The Big EQ Campaign is encouraging parents, teachers, civic and business leaders and the public to visit to learn the benefits of SEL and use the Campaign’s advocacy guides to rally schools and legislators to deploy Emotional Intelligence Education in all schools.

The Big EQ Campaign was founded by business leaders who have been engaged in supporting youth-development programs for years. To find more information on this new campaign, please visit Big EQ Campaign at