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March 2018 Volume 83, No.7

Real Teaching in an Era of Fake News - Will Colglazier / American Educator

Helping students learn to make a valid claim, marshal supporting evidence, and critique others’ views gives them the skills needed to succeed in college, career, and in an increasingly uncertain world.

The Developing Teenage Brain - Liz Griffin / School Administrator

An interview with a neurologist who has studied children’s brain development for more than 30 years. Once a largely neglected field of study, the teen brain is now drawing much attention.

Sparking a School Discipline Revolution - Amanda Kocon / TNTP

Former superintendent launches the Discipline Revolution Project-—a coalition of education reformers who want to change school discipline and disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline.

Putting Out the Welcome Mat for ALL Students - Jonathan Zur / Virginia Journal of Education

Students having a sense of belonging is critical to academic success. Educators must figure out how to create an inclusive experience for each student so that schools are equitable for all.

Use Brain Strategies to Keep All Kids Engaged - Elizabeth Stein / MiddleWeb

Attention concerns often escalate during the final weeks of the school year, but educators can employ several strategies to keep their students focused and motivated.

Peers Help 9th Graders Survive Critical Year - Catherine Gerwetz /Education Week

Personalized mentoring by 11th or 12th graders can help their younger peers successfully navigate high school’s first year.

Teaching From the Bullseye - Becki Cohn-Vargas / Teaching Tolerance

Outside groups are attempting to thwart school-based efforts to address bias and promote inclusion. Here are steps school leaders can take to protect staff and students.

Schools Don’t Matter Much in Helping Kids Climb the Economic Ladder - Andre Perry / The Hechinger Report

Most education reformers think that education alone can boost poor kids to middle-class status. New research suggests other factors need serious attention.

Dramatic Support for Educators Rather than Political Drama - Don Shalvey / The 74

Author calls for ending the charter vs. district schools competition and embracing a cooperative and collaborative approach.

Superintendent Builds Diversity - Matt Zalaznick / District Administration

Cynthia Lane focuses from the earliest grades on connecting instruction to college and employment after high school. Her district’s new graduation requirements encourage students to begin earning college credits and seek internships.

An Award-Winning Way to Partner with Parents - Jessica Wilbanks / TNTP

Principal has come to understand the importance of informing and involving parents and the community.

Four Tech-Free Ways to Personalize Learning - Devon Almeida / EdSurge

With a few strategies, teachers can give students an educational experience tailored to their particular needs and interests.

Attending a Middle vs. a K-8 School Matters - New York University

Comparison study focuses on 8th graders’ academic and psychological outcomes.