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April 2018 Volume 83, No.8

Teaching Introverted Students - Brenda Iasevoli / Education Week

The suspicion that they may be holding quiet and otherwise bright students to an unfair standard is driving some teachers to change their concept of class participation.

Teacher Bullying, Statistically Speaking - Alan McEvoy and Molly Smith / Teaching Tolerance

Nearly all schools have embraced policies and protocols to address how students treat one another. Schools should pay equal attention to how teachers treat all students.

The Biggest Mistakes I’ve Made in My Teaching Career - Keith Lambert / Education World

The author feels that for the teaching profession to continue to prove its relevance and worth it must evolve. And to do that, teachers need to learn from their past mistakes.

Celebrating the Voices of Immigrant Students - Mary Ann Zehr / American Educator

To support them in their social and emotional development, the author gives her ELL students opportunities to tell their personal stories.

Our Education System Is Failing Special Needs Students - Sarah Butrymowicz and Jackie Mader / The Hechinger Report

Experts estimate that 90% of students with disabilities could graduate from high school fully prepared for college and career if they receive the proper support along the way.

Strategies for Engaged, Higher Performing Classrooms - Heather Staker / AdvancED AdvancED

Here are practices used by managers of successful companies that classroom teachers can learn and adapt to fully engage their students and improve their happiness and performance.

Refusal: Kids Who Just Say No to School - Alisha Kirby / K-12 Daily

Many students experience “school refusal”—absenteeism caused by a refusal to attend class because of fears arising from an underlying anxiety disorder.

Tips for Awakening the Thinkers in Your Room - Elizabeth Stein / MiddleWeb

For more than 150 years, teachers have been the controllers of classroom content. It’s time to turn to a cognitivist perspective, where learning is a student-centered, student-engaged, active process.

How a Tough Challenge Taught My Students More about Coding Than I Ever Could - Shelley Songy / EdSurge

What do you do when you realize your students have surpassed your knowledge level? Challenge them—and get out of their way!

Civics Ed Key to Equity, Improving Discourse - Shalina Chatiani and Autumn A. Arnett / EducationDIVE

Providing a good civics education and background plays a key role in graduating students who know how to engage with society. Experts offer ideas for making the subject more engaging.

Building Trust and Respect - Sueanne E. McKinney and Clair Berube / Virginia Journal of Education

Teachers who leave a positive impression on the lives and hearts of their students have a special gift for developing meaningful relationships with them. They make an effort to learn about the lives of every student, both in and out of school.

Does the Portfolio Model Improve Schools? - Matt Barnum / Chalkbeat

Supporters of the model think schools should be managed like stocks in a portfolio, where successful ones would expand and failing ones would close.