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October 2018 Volume 84, No.2

Pivot Points and the Legacy of Leadership - Stephen Joel / School Administrator

The best education leaders see “pivot points”—unexpected challenging twists and turns—as opportunities to stand up for what they believe in, demonstrate strength and courage, and provide a reason for people to rally around our public schools.

A Case for Holding Students Accountable - Adam Tyner and Michael J. Petrilli / Education Next

A focus on the total child; a commitment to equity and access; family and community engagement; distributed leadership; strong, supported teaching force and staff; and relationship-oriented school climate—these six elements comprise successful schools.

Starbucks Shuts Down for Racial Bias Training; Schools Have Done So for Years - Brendan Lowe / The 74

For many years, schools have grappled with concerns related to racial bias, and teachers nationwide have participated in workshops and conferences that address the problem. The results of such training have been mixed.

National History Day—Making Meaning from the Past - Cathy Gorn / American Educator

In an era rife with accusations of “fake news,” it’s important for students to learn to examine current events through a historical perspective and to back up their assertions with solid evidence. The National History Day Contest gives them knowledge and skills that are essential to authentic assessment.

Teaching Kids Not to Be Scared of Math - Kyle Spencer / The Hechinger Report

American students are bombing math. Before they learn math skills, they need to learn to relax. A variety of teaching strategies can help.

To Close the Teacher Diversity Gap, Start with Education Schools - Dan Weisberg/ TNTP

Education schools need to get serious about addressing the concern.

Tackling Two ‘Danger Zones’ of Freshman Year: Attendance and Homework - Catherine Gewertz /Education Week

The theory behind a research project in Seattle is that strong partnerships between schools and parents can help address the problems of poor attendance and unfinished homework.

A Community Approach to Recycling Tech - David Raths / Campus Technology

Volunteers with the EduCycle program recondition computers discarded by Maryland’s Towson University, which are then donated to Baltimore County public schools.

Becoming a Teacher in Spite of a Learning Disability - Kiersten Perks / NJEA Review

A young woman who has a learning disability becomes a teacher and uses her own experiences to help others with disabilities.

8 Essay-Free Ways to Share Student Research - Angie Miller / MiddleWeb

Writing essays helps student build, develop, and expand on their ideas. But while the essay is valuable and is students’ most traditional research product, there are other great ways for them to communicate the results of their research efforts.

What Is the Role of Public Education in the U.S.? - Autumn A. Arnett / Education Dive

Leaders from government—including seven secretaries of education—and K-12 and higher education met to discuss the current state of education in the United States and to offer suggestions for the path ahead.