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Book Review

Math Wizardry for Kids, 2nd Edition

This new edition of Math Wizardry for Kids is designed to demonstrate to young readers that numbers are fascinating to ponder, fun to calculate, and the key to scientific understanding.

Children explore concepts such as Fibonacci numbers, which dramatically express symmetries in shapes and number patterns in plant life and other aspects of nature. Among the new, recommended activities for young readers are experiments with time such as measuring the earth’s rotation, making a sundial to measure daylight hours, and suggestions for experimenting with a time-telling pendulum.

Additional projects include constructing ciphers and cracking codes, managing money, devising a stock market game, and thinking like a computer. The authors’ suggested tools for becoming a math wizard include plenty of paper, pencils, a ruler, a drawing compass, a directional compass, a protractor, a triangle, a simple calculator, a notebook, and miscellaneous art supplies.