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Book Review

Talk to Me First: Everything You Need to Know to Become Your Kids’ “Go-To” Person About Sex

From television commercials to easily accessible Internet pornography, the pervasiveness of sexual language and images encountered by children in everyday life continues to increase. As a result, younger and younger kids are being thrown into the confused world of “sexting,” glorified pregnant teenagers, vulgar sexual language, and endless innuendos. Peers often become the default resource for learning about sex—to the great concern of many parents.

In this book, Roffman offers a way for parents to communicate with their children about sexuality. She offers advice to parents about how to:

·          Teach kids to view sexually-saturated media critically.

·          Put meaningful context around the topic of sexuality.

·          Become an approachable and askable resource for children when it comes to sex.

·          Foster ongoing conversations about all aspects of life, so that kids will naturally apply these lessons to sexual aspects of their lives as well.

·          Invite open-ended conversations with children about sexuality, while also setting clearly defined limits based on age, maturity, and values.

·          Deal with “zingers” from their children about complicated or age-sensitive sexual topics.

·          Put on the “five-piece suit” (affirmation, information, clarity about values, anticipatory guidance, and setting limits) when communicating with kids about sex and sexuality.

Talk to Me First is designed to prepare parents of kids—from elementary school to high school—to become the most credible and influential source of information about sex in their children’s lives.