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Book Review

School Choice and School Improvement

This book brings together a collection of exemplary, policyrelevant
papers that examine how communities, districts, and states
use choice as a strategy for improving schools and student learning.

The book includes insightful research on private schools and
vouchers; charter schools and traditional public schools; and
intra-district transfer programs, adding depth and perspective to
the ongoing debates about school choice options.

The authors provide rigorous research and empirical data to
answer central policy questions. What is the impact of school choice
on student outcomes? In systems that provide school choice, do
parents choose to move their children from low-achieving schools
to higher-achieving schools? Does school choice result in increased
competition among schools? What is the relationship between school
choice and racial or ethnic segregation in the schools?

Among the 12 chapters are: School Choice Debates, Research,
and Context: Toward Systematic Understanding and Better Educational
Policy, Does Intra-district Tansfer Make the Grade? A Case
Study of the Effects of School Choice on Achievement, Shaking
Up Public Schools with Competition: Are They Changing the Way
They Spend Money? and Charter Schools: Do They Cream Skim, Increasing
Student Segregation?