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Book Review

Preparing Teachers for the Early Childhood Classroom: Proven Models & Key Principles

For early childhood educators, high-quality professional development
can have an enormous positive impact on teaching practices—and boost
young children's outcomes and school readiness. But since early childhood
teachers come from diverse backgrounds and educational levels, it can be
a challenge to create effective, customized professional development
programs for them. This book is designed to help administrators and
program directors need meet that challenge and take the first critical
steps toward improving their training practices.

Bringing together lessons learned from the eight top-performing
programs to receive professional development grants from the Early
Childhood Educator Professional Development Program in the U.S. Office
of Elementary and Secondary Education, this book gives readers an inside
look at what's really working today. Program directors and administrators
will fully explore the who, what, when, where, and how of high-quality,
practice-based professional development:

Who benefits from it? Examine characteristics of the early educator
workforce and how to address their obstacles to professional
development participation, such as financial resources, education levels,
and burnout rates.

What practices are promising? Explore proven models for choosing the
right content, scaffolding skills through coaching and mentoring, and
promoting effective professional development across whole communities.

Where should professional development happen? Learn from
successful approaches in community colleges, training programs, and
culturally diverse centers.

When and for how long should it take place? Make sound decisions
about the duration and timing of professional development.

How do you know it's working? Discover the best ways to assess early
childhood educators' practices and monitor fidelity of implementation.

Throughout the book, cutting-edge research blends with vignettes and
case studies from the eight successful programs—ideal models that
readers can use as a starting point to improve their own practices. A
resource intended to change the way early childhood educators are
trained, this book should help programs lay the important groundwork for
better professional development, better teachers, and better outcomes
for all young children.