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Book Review

Cultivating Curious and Creative Minds: The Role of Teachers and Teacher Educators, Part I Teacher Education Yearbook XVIII

This book presents a variety of approaches to developing human potential in areas not conventionally addressed. Organized in two parts, this international collection of essays provides educational alternatives to those currently holding sway in an era of high-stakes accountability. Taken together, the chapters in Part I of Cultivating Curious and Creative Minds provide a sampling of what the cultivation of curious and creative minds entails. The contributing authors shed light on how curiosity and creativity can be approached in the teaching domain and discuss specific ideas concerning how it plays out in particular situations and contexts.

Among the eleven chapters included, we find such titles as: “In Pursuit of Joy: Creativity, Pedagogy and the Science of Well-Being,” “Can We Teach Surprise?” “Jumping to Conclusions or Jumping for Joy? Reframing Teaching as the Art of Talent Development,” “Nurturing a Creative Curiosity for K-2 Mathematics Teaching: Lessonf from the Dreamkeepers,” “The Impact of Creativity within the Inquiry Process in Science Education,” and “Capturing Teacher Learning, Curiosity and Creativity through Science Notebooks.”

The contributors include: Gadi Alexander, Carole G. Basile, Kevin Cloninger, F. Michael Connelly, Cheryl J. Craig, Jessica T. DeCuir-Gunby, Louise F. Deretchin, John P. Gaa, Herbert P. Ginsburg, Angela McNeal Haynes, Ming Fang He, Terri R. Hebert, Sharon Johnson, Patricia L. Marshall, Joan V. Mast, Allison W. McCulloch, Christina Mengert,Christy M. Moroye, F. Richard Olenchak, Wynnetta Scott-Simmons, Merrie Snow, Derrick M. Tennial, P. Bruce Uhrmacher, Shijing Xu, and JeongAe You.