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Book Review

Diversity and Equity in Science Education: Research, Policy, and Practice, Multicultural Education Series

Two leading science educators provide a comprehensive, state-of-the-field analysis of current trends in the research, policy, and practice of science education. This book offers valuable insights into why gaps in science achievement among racial, ethnic, cultural, linguistic, and socioeconomic groups persist, and points toward practical means of narrowing or eliminating these gaps. Lee and Buxton examine instructional practices, science–curriculum materials (including computer technology), assessment, teacher education, school organization, federal and state policies, and home-school connections.

Book features:

* A synthesis of the emerging body of research in the field of science education and its application to practice and policy.

* A description of effective practices for narrowing science achievement gaps among demographic subgroups of students.

 * A focus on the unique learning needs of English language learners.

·        An analysis of major science education initiatives, interventions, and programs that have been successful with non-mainstream students.