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Book Review

The Chicago Guide to Your Career in Science: A Toolkit for Students and Postdocs

While the number of PhD graduates in the sciences continues to increase, tenure-track positions have remained static since the early 1980s. And after spending years in the post-doc trenches, this glut of PhDs is enough to make many would-be scientists wonder about their next steps.

As the founders of their university’s first office for postdoctoral affairs, Victor A. Bloomfield and Esam E. El-Fakahany have first-hand experience with the challenges young scientists face. Together, they’ve mentored thousands of students, and now they created this book to help science students with tasks ranging from preparing a CV and resume, to writing grants and scientific papers, to networking with fellow scientists.

Topics covered include: choosing and conducting a dissertation project, designing the postdoctoral experience, tools for successful job searching, finding and managing information, writing and defending a dissertation, and writing fellowship and grant proposals.