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Book Review

Plato’s Pond, U.S. Edition

This book is a mystery story, a whodunit, an adventure story, and an interactive detective story all in one. It is a fairy tale in a world of PDA’s and Google Earth. It is educational and meets U.S.A. national science standards. It has humor and suspense, stirred in with philosophical and environmental messages. It is science and fiction, but not science fiction. It is for adolescents, but reads easily enough for younger children and is entertaining and intriguing enough for the most critical adult reader.

This is a suspenseful interactive mystery novel with adventure, discovery, and science experiments. Through a series of cryptic notes, the reader is led to many different ecosystems in the world of Gaia that reflect the balance of life on earth.

Watson, Crick, and Rosalind need the reader’s help. The stray dog that led them to the pond in Golden Gate Park was no accident. The dog was instructed to bring them through this forgotten gateway to the strange world of Gaia to solve a terrible crime. The master key that opens the gateway between Gaia and Earth was stolen and damaged. If it is not found and repaired in seven days, the gateway will be lost forever and they will never be able to return home.

Who did it? Those snodlops seem helpful, but can’t be trusted. Which one is lying through his proboscis? Our travelers have a PDA (with a dwindling battery) and an interactive website. They ask for the reader’s help as the adventure unfolds by posting their findings on their website. It is then up to the reader to help them by analyzing the evidence they have found.