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The Education Digest is the only magazine that . . .

SPEAKS to every area of education concerning specific and general problems of educators and administrators.

PROVIDES a complete overview of all the current educational happenings.

FOLLOWS the trends and topics that are most important to educators as they take place.

INCLUDES the best available analysis and comments on educational policy issues.

SURVEYS hundreds of educational periodicals monthly and condenses the best.

KEEPS readers informed on new ideas, concepts, and educational practices.

. . . and quickly becomes an in-house reference library of important and useful information to be used again and again!

Why not take this opportunity to present your company’s name, products and services in an advertisement to the educational community addressed in The Education Digest where it will be seen by the important education decision-makers you need to reach!  Our media kit has all the details.

Call 800-530-9673 x 300 or email Matthew Knope ( today to start your advertising campaign!