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Education Digest March 2014

March 2014 Volume 79, No. 9

What Teachers Need to Know About IQ - Richard Nisbett

New knowledge finds that environmental factors and quality of education play a much more important role in determining IQ than do genetics.

The Future of Teaching - Virginia Journal of Education

Educators envision changes in educational structures through engaging teachers in decision-making processes that have an impact on student learning.

Opening Classroom Doors to Collaborative Learning - Diallo Brown

Optimal learning cannot thrive in closed-circuit classrooms that segregate learning. Here are best practices that can pave the way to a cross-content curriculum.

The Threat of Educational Stagnation and Complacency - Arnie Duncan

The U.S. must adopt educational practices of high-performing nations or risk losing more ground in our global economy.

Statement About PISA Results - Learning First Alliance

Along with assessment results, the PISA report spells out policies and practices that high-performing nations use to improve student achievement. Policymakers should take note.

Schools Still See Surges in Homeless Students - Sarah D. Sparks

Education of homeless has stopped being just a few programs in shelters. It has now become part of the fabric of school systems.

Professional Video Development - Deb Gribskov

Advice from an instructional coach on how to select video and effectively embed it into an outcome-based PD program.

Student Debt - Craig Smith

We must stop balancing our state and institutional budgets on the backs of students and families.

Leading Schools Through Major Change - Sarosh Syed

Five key practices schools leaders should put into play as they steer their school through the complexities of the CCSS.

Say No to ‘No-Zero Policy’ on Grading - Gina Caneva

The “no-zero policy” tells students that it's okay to be lazy and lowers academic expectations.

What Faculty Want From IT - Keith Norbury

Better communication and wireless coverage that rocks top the list of the 10 services faculty most desire from their IT departments.

Strategies to Address Student High-Risk Drinking - Paul Hoogeveen

Approaching problem drinking as a community-wide issue—not just a college campus issue—is one of many tactics suggested.

In-Depth Study of Vocabulary Development - Marisa Mixan

Vocabulary development strategies that can be incorporated into lessons plans.

Book/Media Reviews - Dudley Barlow