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Education Digest January 2016

January 2016 Volume 81, No. 5

Districts Use Student Insights to Guide Policy, Practice - Evie Blad / Education Week

Focused efforts to tap into students’ experiences and opinions can benefit all parties. Students feel more engaged, their insight contributes to a healthy school climate and builds trust among students and teachers.

can u fix education w/ txts? - Chris Berdik / The Hechinger Report

New software makes it possible to customize automated text messages to fit the needs of individual students—great for complicated tasks like the college registration process or even simple ones like homework assignments.

Giving Undocumented Students Safe Harbor - Sylvia Mendoza / The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education

Incredibly successful program trains faculty to become students’ allies who provide direction, advice, and support throughout the entire college experience.

The Need for More Teachers of Color - José Luis Vilson / American Educator

If teachers have the same skin color and cultural and socioeco¬nomic background as their students do, they serve as immediate models of success. And the benefits of positive, successful role models can be immense.

Teach to Win - Jim Knight / Principal Leadership

If coaches fail to address even one of seven success factors, they will struggle to have a positive impact on teachers and students, says the director of the Instructional Coaching Group at the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning. Described here are the seven success factors.

The Digital Learning Plan Every Educator Should Read - Stephen Noonoo / eSchool News

Not only recommendations and goals for education leaders around digital learning-related topics, this DLP is about changing the role of the teacher in the classroom and changing the way school works.

Gamify Your Classroom - Matthew Farber / NJEA Review

How a unit on the Columbian Exchange led a teacher to design and use cooperative tabletop games to deliver instruction and engage students, plus several cooperative game resources.

Why We Badge: The Potential for Digital Credentials - Marc Lesser

Like portfolio data only digital, badges can empower educators and learners by enriching the tools that help each curate the past, navigate the present, and support a promising future.

Do We Know How to Help Teachers Get Better? - TNTP

Actually we don’t, a survey finds. Research does conclude that we must re-define what it means to help teachers improve, re-evaluate PD programs, and re-invent how we support effective teaching at scale. Here are recommendations on how to follow through.

Five Ways to Keep Social Media From Beinga Legal Headache - Bradley Shear / T.H.E. Journal

Although it may be nearly impossible for schools to keep up with the latest social media app, there are a number of legal issues that apply to all social media in general—and education leaders must fully understand these issues.

The Price of Fundraising - Sarah Karp / Catalyst Chicago

Prizes such as vacation getaways, gift baskets, jewelry, and theme partiesauctioned off to the highest bidder are all part of a new fun—and lucrative—fundraising craze that is pumping money into some schools.