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Education Digest January 2015

January 2015 Volume 80, No. 5

Baltimore’s Teacher-Pay Experiment Gains Foothold - Stephen Sawchuk / Education Week

Crafted hand-in-hand with teacher unions, a revamped pay structure emphasizes professional accomplishments over credentials and seniority.

Inside Successful District-Charter Compacts - Richard Whitmire / Education Next

Partnerships allow charter’s and public schools’ best practices to rub off on one another yet still retain core values. Here are the details of four such compacts.

Become a Media Magnate - Peyton Anderson / Virginia Journal of Education

Tips on how to “teach like TV”—break lesson material into short chunks then throw in “commercial breaks” to allow relief from the content. Also, a great take on “classroom technology characters.”

Teaching Computer Science-—Without a Computer - Annie Murphy Paul / The Hechinger Report

A free resource, Computer Science Unplugged, teaches students the concepts of computer science using games and puzzles to help attract people of all ages and genders to the field.

Breakfast After the Bell - Peter Wright / California Schools

Research linking eating a healthy breakfast to student achievement and engagement seems too good to be true, but schools that have initiated the program are true believers.

Boys’ School Turns Work into Wonders - Eric Westervelt / National Public Radio

Adding “work” classes to the curriculum teaches students hard skills—how to use a table saw, how to weld, and more-—skills that foster creativity, resilience, accountability, and empathy.

In Minnesota, Teaching Starts Early with Focus on the Poor - Ron French / Bridge Magazine

Aggressive reforms—early childhood and parent programs, tough academic standards, and extra funding for poorer schools—have boosted the state’s education ranking into the top 10 in the nation.

Designing Collaborative Spaces for Schools - Peter C. Lippman / T.H.E. Journal

Thoughtfully designed learning environments can help students work together more effectively.

Classroom Management - Tracey Farrell Garrett / NJEA Review

Questions and points of reflection that will help teachers develop a plan to create and maintain an effective classroom learning environment.

Raising Inequity - Maggie Messitt /Teaching Tolerance

Although the U.S. public education system claims to offer a free and equitable education to all, funding inequities between rich and poor counties and states continue to widen.

Teachers Need a ‘Road Test’ to Ensure Good Teaching - Amee Adkins / Catalyst Chicago

New performance assessment requires teachers to demonstrate skills that define effective beginning teaching.

Black Males and Latinos: Aspiration, Achievement, and Equity - Angela Provitera McGlynn / The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education

Eight key strategies to improve retention and graduation rates of underserved students.

Book/Media Reviews / Dudley Barlow