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Education Digest December 2013

Addressing the High Costs of Student Mobility - Linda Jacobson / Harvard Education Letter

Military-connected schools offer ways to help students and schools adjust to frequent moves.

Teacher Voices Vital to Improve Outcomes for Kids - Jon Alfuth / Eduwonk

Who knows better than educators what policies help or hinder students’ progress? There are many ways to advocate for students—and policymakers will listen.

Invent to Learn: Makers in the Classroom - Sylvia Libow Martinez and Gary S. Stager / MiddleWeb

The Maker Movement combines the natural inclinations of curious middle schoolers with the power of learning by doing.

School Improvement: A Citywide Effort in Syracuse - Sarah D. Sparks / Education Week

City adopts the Say Yes initiative, a holistic, community-centered reform model that supports families and students from pre-K through college—and sees positive results.

New Lawsuit an ‘Assault’ on Unions - Sarah Butrymowicz / Hechinger Ed

Lawsuit argues that unions are forcing members to pay for political activities they do not agree with, in violation of First Amendment rights.

Integrating the iPad into the ASD Classroom - Mark Mautone / NJEA Review

A five-step plan for incorporating many teachers’ favorite tool into education for students with autistic spectrum disorder.

Forgoing Summer Vacation, Parents Swamp Year-Round School - Ron French / Bridge Magazine

New schedule combats summer learning loss and gives families more time with kids in winter months.

Education in Other Countries . . . Is It Really Better or Just Different? - Linda Dawson / The Illinois School Board Journal

An American educator who teaches in Japan and his Japanese daughter who attends school in the U.S. compare school systems.

Why It Works: You Can’t Just ‘PBIS’ Someone - Tarsi Dunlop / Learning First Alliance

Framework is designed to support all students while reaching out to the small percentage of students with behavioral problems.

How Schools Can Best Educate Hispanic Students - Nonie Lesaux and Juan Rangel / Education Next

Two experts argue that getting smarter about literacy and charter schools offers opportunities to address challenges facing Hispanic youth.

Assistive Tech Goes Mainstream - Dian Schaffhauser / T.H.E. Journal

Mobile devices, apps, and flipped classroom approaches are all tools used by special education experts.

I Am Asian American - Andrea Bittle / Teaching Tolerance

This group comprises more than 18 countries of origin and ethnicities. Here are ways schools can help dismantle stereotypes.

Integrate Social-Emotional Learning into Oral Reading Practices for Best Results - Rocío Dresser / Multicultural Education

Round Robin Reading-type practices may actually hinder learners’ comprehension/fluency development. Adding SEL to the mix can result in greater achievement.

Empowering Learners in the 21st Century - Arne Duncan / U.S. Department of Education

Recommendations for new approaches to learning that will better engage and prepare students.

Book/Media Reviews - Dudley Barlow