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Education Digest November 2013

Preparing for the Unthinkable: School Safety After Sandy Hook - Carol Brydolf / California Schools

A winning formula for keeping students safe and helping them to thrive.

School Leaders: Don’t Let Your Teachers Lose Heart - Laurie Barnoski / Education Week

Administrators must think carefully about what and how much they are asking teachers to do.

Flipped Learning - Scott LaFee / School Administrator

Is it a fix or just a fad? Here are pros, cons, and differing opinions that surround this new way of teaching.

The Ninth-Grade Challenge - Scott Habeeb / Principal Leadership

Characteristics of an effective freshman transition program, and the pros and cons of the academy vs. the teaming models.

‘Not Your Grandfather’s Composition Class’ - Eric Hoover / The Chronicle of Higher Education

Revamped first-year comp. class incorporates more technology into writing instruction and increases student-teacher contact.

Why Teachers Should be Blogging ... and How to Do It - Patricia Bruder / NJEA Review

A plethora of information-: Getting started, characteristics of good blogs, reasons for blogging, and recommended blogs that every educator should read.

Re-Evaluating AP Courses - Frank DiMaria / The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education

A critique of Advanced Placement courses from one who has been involved in AP at both the college and high school level.

Weight Bias: The Bull’s-Eye of Bullying - Brad Johnson / Teachers.Net/Gazette

It’s time for adults to put an end to this type of bullying rather than condoning or perpetuating it.

School Internet Safety: More Than ‘Block It to Stop It’ - Annette Melgosa and Rudy Scott / The Journal Adventist Education

Filters are only part of the safety solution. Students should be taught proper “netiquette” and consequences of inappropriate online behavior.

Collaboration and Support for Student Success - Paris S. Strom and Robert D. Strom / Community College Journal of Research

Authors provide rationale for their proposal that higher education be an entitlement for high school grads for the betterment of society.

Leap Year: Assessing and Supporting Effective First-Year Teachers - TNTP

The ACE multiple-measures evaluation system can help teacher training programs assess essential educator competencies required for certification.

Providing Support and Stability to Students in Foster Care - Lisa Ann Williamson / Teaching Tolerance

For many young people in foster care, instability may be the only constant in their lives. Here are ways schools can offer a stable, nurturing environment for these students.

The Invisible Lever: A Profile of Leadership and Management Talent in Education - Education Pioneers

The education sector- offers many critically important managerial/leadership opportunities.

Book/Media Reviews - Dudley Barlow